About Willemijn Aerdts

Willemijn Aerdts. Photo: Ed Lonnee

Willemijn Aerdts is lecturer/researcher at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs (Leiden University). Willemijn was elected in the Dutch senate on May 30 2023. She was sworn in on June 13 2023.

Furthermore, she found Bureau Aerdts. Willemijn is a member of the general board of JASON Institute and a member of the advisory board of WIIS-Netherlands. She is also a member of the Netherlands Intelligence Studies Association.

Previously, she was a member of the Peace & Security Committee of the Advisory Council on International Affairs and part of the World Economic Forum as a Global Shaper. She was the Dutch youth representative to the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Children in 2002.

Willemijn holds an LLM in International Public Law and an MA in International Affairs in Historical Perspective and has conducted policy research in the field of international affairs. In 2006-2009 she was a board member of the United Nations Association of the Netherlands (NVVN). She volunteered for the Dutch UNICEF committee and the Dutch Child Rights Collective. Willemijn was also the first vice-chair of the Dutch National Youth Council (NJR in Dutch).